Case Studies

Exede Super Fast Internet

Exede needed to tell the world about their super fast internet service for rural areas. They wanted to inform customers in a fun and entertaining way without hard selling the service. We collaborated with Exede’s team and came up with a creative  way to introduce the service. We used a combination of cartoon animations, a light-hearted comedic host and an actual live demonstration of the service, with a touch of comedy. The end result is a high level branding piece that Exede is using to brand their internet service today! Have a look.

Mitsubishi National Product Launch

Mitsubishi Televisions is the only company in the world to build a surround sound system right into their flat panel HDTVs. We created this national product rollout piece entirely in the 3D environment. We used 3D animations to fly all around the room and inside of the TV to show how epic the Mitsubishi Unisen TV is. Using 3D animation to execute this creative allowed us to visualize all of the technology built into Mitsubishi’s TVs in an exciting, easy to understand, captivating way.

PISMO Television Commercial Campaign

PISMO Fine Art Glass is an exclusive art gallery with locations in Aspen, Vail and Cherry Creek selling to collectors and the most discriminating art buyers. The gallery is a showplace for some of the world’s most renowned glass artists. PISMO needed an artful and creative way to illustrate the affluent nature of their business. We chose to bring in a professional ballet dancer to move through the frame, making the entire gallery a work of art.

Solar Friendly Communities Campaign Launch

Solar Friendly Communities is a great way for cities, towns and homeowners associations to become aligned with the growing demand for solar power in Colorado. But there are often complicated challenges in permitting in order to put solar panels on your home or business. Colorado Solar Energy Initiatives Association (COSEIA) came up with researched and tested Best Practices for these municipalities to adopt. This video we produced helps local governments understand the value of becoming a Solar Friendly Community!

Discover Parker!

The Parker Chamber of Commerce wanted to entice new transplants into choosing Parker, Colorado when moving into the Denver Metro area. Parker had been eclipsed by many other larger communities. We produced a compelling introductory video that shows off all of Parker’s great amenities while focusing on the great community environment Parker offers to its residents. This video really puts Parker on the map!

JBL Subwoofer Viral Marketing

JBL needed to get the word out about their innovative new design in subwoofer technology that allowed for deeper, richer bass without distortion. Because their target audience skews so young, we created this viral cartoon production inspired by “South Park and Simpsons” fans.

Baroque Chamber Orchestra of Colorado

The Baroque Chamber Orchestra of Colorado is one of the premier performing groups in the Rocky Mountain region. But they needed help in showing the world just how good they are! We produced a series of performance videos for the BCOC using a multi-camera set up, state-of-the art stage/auditorium and a mobile multi-track recording studio. Now, their performance jumps right through the screen.

Wild Iris Salon Web Video

A serious web video presence is becoming more and more critical for small businesses to make a mark in their communities. We found a way to support small businesses by bringing our national level of production in an affordable package in web video production. The Wild Iris Salon web video campaign demonstrates how we bring a simple solution to local businesses with a high level of production and affordability.

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